• Founded in 1980, ESNA was fueled with dedication for business excellence to confront expanding market needs and high profile projects, leading to the growth of the company with a professional approach to tackle varied array of business sectors. Specialized sister companies were established since 1996, executing ESNA among the leading holding companies, hence encompassing organizations servicing in various disciplines:

    Information Technology 
    Telecommunications & Security Surveillance
    Advertising, Marketing, Social Media & Audiovisual solutions
    Electro-mechanical Projects and Supplies
    Specialized Warehouse Equipment & Management
    Medical Supplies & Services

    ESNA thrives to develop current activities and analyze potential local and international investments, aiming to lead in the industrial field, accordingly partnerships and affiliations were established with respected foreign companies to bloom in the promising Saudi market. With this great vision, ESNA aims to be bounded as a pioneer establishment and a key

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